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semrush Alternative

The competition for Semrush alternative is fierce. Semrush is adored by businesses and marketers because of its unrivaled features.

One of the most renowned companies in the world for its analytics reports, backlink audit reports, and keyword research toolbox

What more is there to say?

Businesses of all shapes and sizes may benefit from this tool’s wide range of features. Because of this, many advantages come at a price.

If you’re only looking for a keyword research platform or an all-in-one marketing solution, Semrush’s price tag is a deal-breaker.

What are the best free and paid alternatives to Semrush?

If you’re looking for a replacement for Semrush, you’ll be overwhelmed by the number of possibilities out there.

If a software solution claims to have cutting-edge functionality, it’s simple to be persuaded.

A month-long free trial period is offered by some of these SEO tools, while a money-back guarantee is offered by others of the same caliber.

Enhanced Internet Visibility

Among the Semrush rivals, AWR, or Advanced Web Ranking, is the clear winner. At a price that won’t break the bank,

this device-agnostic utility has some of the most impressive capabilities. AWR is compatible with a wide range of devices, browsers, and operating systems.

Among the most important aspects.

  • It is possible to request white-label reports from the platform on a one-time or recurring basis.
  • Ranking reports for all search engines and all SERP characteristics are available.
  • Drilling down on location-specific data is made possible via localization.
  • On top of pre-built SEO reports, the platform creates bespoke reports.
  • Using their API, you may include their SERP analytics into your own in-house products.


Each of AWR’s four subscriptions, starting at $44 per month and going up to $449 per month, includes a variety of features (if paid upfront for a year).

Metrics for Search

SEM & PPC, site audits, backlink audits, and SEO are all included in the Searchmetrics all-in-one package. In addition,

they provide market research and cloud integration services. To what extent does it differ from Semrush? This Semrush alternative is a must-have for every savvy marketer,

thanks to its extensive feature set and reasonable price.

Among the most important aspects.

  • There are five years of search history in their Global SEO tool with data from 130 domains and 30 countries worldwide.
  • There are 14 nations in which you may track SEO trends with their Local SEO service.
  • It’s possible to use backlink research to improve your off-page SEO results.
  • Your website’s architectural faults may be found using their extensive website assessment reports. Your high-converting pages are protected 24 hours a day by their Visibility Guard function.
  • Their comparisons of PPC and organic operations are unadulterated, and they provide wise recommendations for both.


On their website, you may ask for a quotation or see a demonstration.


Serpstat, a growth hacking tool for content marketers and entrepreneurs, is the next Semrush alternative. They provide a wide range of services, including keyword research, backlink analysis, and site audits.

Among the most important aspects.

  • You may use their keyword search option to find the most popular terms for your sites and adverts.
  • In addition to keyword research, they provide keyword variants, search recommendations and foreign SEO statistics for free.
  • Your domain’s visibility, relative position, and top-performing pages and content are all identified by their SERP statistics.
  • Your AdWords rivals, budgets, and keywords are all identified through their competitor analysis function.
  • Their content marketing platform includes a library of content ideas and a database of relevant keywords.


Lite, Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise are the four price levels offered for this software solution, which range from $69 to $499 per month.

In addition to the free tool, you can also acquire access to additional features like competition analysis.

Use of Google’s Keyword Tool

Google Keyword Planner is our #1 pick for a free Semrush replacement. This simple-to-use free tool is a part and component of your Google Ads account. Read 

What’s the comparison to Semrush? Even though it’s less expensive, it lacks the power of Semrush. Your SEO staff may be baffled by their chosen analytics, which provides broad ranges rather than specific numbers.

Among the most important aspects.

  • You may use this tool to identify keywords based on your domain, goods, or services. They provide recommendations for a keyword-based SEO strategy.
  • It is possible to get historical data, including monthly searches and competition analyses, for certain terms.
  • This tool calculates a keyword’s performance based on the number of forecasted clicks and the number of expected sales.
  • Advanced sorting options like clicks, average CPC, CTR, and impressions are available for you to use in your search results filter.


Totally free to use.

Watch for Links to Your Site

As a result of its comprehensive backlink audit and SEO analytics capabilities, Monitor Backlinks is a serious rival to Semrush.

With an easy-to-use dashboard and user interface, they provide customers with a comprehensive picture of the data they need. With that said, this is one of the best alternatives to Semrush available.

Among the most important aspects.

  • A backlink audit report includes information such as TLD distribution, top anchor text, followed vs. unfollowed, and top linked pages.
  • There are a lot of metrics that they keep track of location, traffic, CPCs, and competition scores. Keywords may be labeled for easier administration.
  • They use third-party sources like Moz and Majestic to track backlinks around the clock.
  • A disavow list is provided so that you can remove bad backlinks that might harm your reputation online.


The Start plan, which costs $25 per month, is their cheapest option. A domain, two rivals, 2,500 links, and 50 keywords may all be monitored at this fee.


In terms of keyword research and analysis, this Semrush alternative can be a good fit for your business needs. SEO tools on the platform are geared to discovering low-complexity keywords with significant search volumes.

Among the most important aspects.

  • Search for keywords by domain and region using this keyword research tool.
  • Within three minutes, the program generates long-tail keywords that are relevant to a given specialty.
  • Even if you don’t know what your rivals are targeting, you may use the keyword research tool to find out.
  • More than half a million places are covered by the service.
  • You may import reports for hundreds of keywords in a single request.


At a fee of $29.90 a month, their Mangools Basic plan gives you access to 100 keyword searches every day.

At $39.90 per month, you may purchase the Mangools Premium plan (for 500 keyword searches) and at $79.90 per month,

you can get the Mangools Agency plan (for 1200 keyword searches).

SE Positioning

SE Ranking is an all-in-one SEO tool that claims to simplify the process of simplifying the SEO strategy for your website.

SE Ranking is a promising newcomer to the SEO platform scene with a user base of slightly over 300,000 people.

Cloud-based software eliminates the need for time-consuming software installs and upgrades.

More than 2 billion keywords are housed in an in-depth keyword research tool that is part of the platform’s overall array of products.

With SE Ranking’s unique reporting, you’ll be able to get a clearer picture of your website’s SEO performance.

SE Ranking’s flexible price strategy is dependent on the number of keywords you wish to track, the frequency of your subscription, and the length of your contract. Plan prices range from $23.40/month to $189/month.

Search Engine Optimization PowerSuite

Over 5 million SEO professionals and site administrators rely on SEO PowerSuite, a desktop-based all-in-one solution.

In-depth SEO audits and deep dives into technical SEO data are made a breeze with this set of four tools. Competitive analysis is a breeze because of its powerful analytical capabilities.

For the Professional Plan, you’ll pay $299 annually. The enterprise plan is $699 per year.

Although there is an option for a free version that includes all of the tools, free users cannot copy or export data.


Because of its extensive data analyses and regular updates, Ahrefs is a popular Semrush alternative.

The Ahrefs SEO community on Facebook and the helpful marketing courses go well beyond the company’s outstanding list of capabilities.

When comparing Ahrefs with Semrush, keep this in mind.

Among the most important aspects.

  • Detailed information about your rivals’ traffic, keywords, and backlinks is provided in organic search reports, which span more than 100 countries and more than 150 million keywords.
  • Their Content Gap function shows you which keywords your rivals are outranking you on.
  • An extensive database of 3 billion keywords, including search volume, traffic, and cost per click (CPC), is housed in their keyword research tool, “Explorer.”
  • With 54 billion sites crawled every 15 minutes, they have an enormous database of active backlinks.


For $179 a month, you may subscribe to their most popular Standard plan, which gives you access to up to ten projects. The first two months of an annual subscription are on us.

Raven Tools

In comparison to Semrush, Raven Tools offers seven different SEO and reporting tools in one place.

What about Semrush vs. Raven Tools? SMBs, freelancers, and major corporations may all benefit from Raven Tools’ cost-effective solutions. Beginners will find their SEO Dictionary and Help Center to be quite helpful.

Among the most important aspects.

  • From 30+ data components, you may create customized reports that include your own comments and observations.
  • Site structure and HTML code are examined by their website audit function. They categorize problems according to the severity and give a health score for the site.
  • Raven’s Link Manager identifies and removes harmful backlinks and connections to your competitors.. Up to 50,000 backlinks for any particular URL may be shown via their partnership with Majestic.
  • You can track your website’s search engine rankings using their Rank Tracker function, which provides daily, weekly, and monthly statistics for all of the most popular search engines.


The Grow plan, which costs $139 a month, is the company’s most popular pricing option. Eight users, 80 domains, and 20,000 position checks are included in this bundle.


Cloud-based software WebCEO is a complete SEO solution. Since 2001, it has been one of the most popular tools in the industry.

In contrast to other SEO tools, which are often only accessible in roughly 10 – 14 languages, it has the distinct advantage of being available in over 20 languages, including Greek, Hebrew, Ukrainian, and Korean.

  • Research and Tracking SEO Tools for Keywords and Rankings
  • SEO Tools for Site Audits: Technical Audit tool, Sitemap Generation tool, etc.
  • Content Submission, Backlink Checker, and Other SEO Tools for Link Earning
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools for Traffic Analysis
  • Analytic Tools for Social Media: Web Buzz Monitoring, Social Engagement
  • WebCEO’s Competitor Metrics Module is an SEO tool for tracking competitor metrics.
  • It is also possible to integrate Google Analytics, making the reporting process more simpler.

A Solo Plan costs $35 per month, while a Corporate Plan costs $299 per month. All of their programs have a three-month discount if you pay yearly.

The GrowthBar (optional)

When it comes to marketing and blogging, GrowthBar is a must-have SEO tool. Their goal is to make it 10 times easier for businesses to acquire new clients.

With a single click, you can execute keyword research, competition analysis, content development, and rank monitoring. It’s a wonderful online tool.

For those who want to keep track of SEO statistics while they browse the web, they provide a Chrome plugin.

Their Content Generator tool is by far the most outstanding. When you type in a keyword, GrowthBar’s sophisticated AI will immediately produce a content outline for you,

which will advise you precisely what to write so that you may rank quickly.

The device is cutting-edge, entertaining to use, and more reasonably priced than most comparable options available on the market today.


As an alternative to Semrush, Moz features a powerful Keyword Explorer function. You may make use of Moz’s resources to boost your website’s performance and get an advantage over your competition.

Among the most important aspects.

  • An online application called “Explorer” is used to generate a list of keywords that are ranked according to their complexity and search volume.
  • As part of your SEO strategy, you may classify and prioritize keywords using these tools.
  • You can monitor the SERP performance of your keywords to determine their SEO effect.
  • The premium MozBar, which is included in all Moz Pro subscriptions, provides real-time page analytics for Chrome and Firefox.
  • Broken links, missing title tags and shoddy website architecture are found by their site audit tool.
  • Using Moz’s link research service, you may create an outstanding link profile. Using them, you may develop high-quality backlinks and get rid of spam.

When paid annually, Moz Pro memberships range from $79 to $479 a month. The MozBar, 1-on-1 walkthroughs, 24/7 online help,

and a Q&A forum comprised of Moz colleagues and SEO experts is included in every package.

Intuitive SEO

CognitiveSEO is the final of our Semrush alternatives. What’s the difference between this and Semrush?

Google penalty avoidance advice and a social exposure meter are just some of the many features included in this powerful platform.

Among the most important aspects.

  • Their thorough site inspection function scours the web for content duplication, indexing issues, missing meta titles, and poor navigation..
  • Your web pages will be subjected to a link audit by their backlink research service, which collects new data from authoritative domains.
  • To prevent being flagged by search engines, their Link Navigator service aggregates spammy links that you may evaluate and disavow.
  • Their Google Penguin Penalty Recovery tool identifies the flaws that might lead to penalties on your website and links. Low-quality connections may be flagged by setting up alerts.


For $129.99 a month, you may choose between the Starter plan and the Business plan, both of which come with

a free 7-day trial period (custom pricing available on request). All packages come with free onboarding and 24-hour online assistance.

a summary of UpCity’s SEO performance

To evaluate how your site ranks against the competition, you may use UpCity’s free SEO Report Card.

You can see how well your keywords are working and where your website ranks on various search engines with this free tool. You may use the platform’s trust metrics and website accessibility information to figure out your site’s degree of authority and loading speed.

There is no charge for this service

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